Please fill out as much of this form as possible to help me get a good picture of what’s to come

If you have a PDF/spreadsheet for your own planning purposes, please e-mail that as well to:


Here are some other useful pieces of information:

1) If wanted, please provide an extra invitation to be photographed (unless you’ve used an online invitation).

2) Provide a hanger for the dress (one that is not plastic).

3) Keep your space as tidy as possible for best results during hair and makeup.

4) It can be best for photography purposes to have the rings at the bride's prep location in the morning rather than the groom’s.

5) You will find a section in the form below to enter a list of important family photos to capture, normally taken during the cocktail hour. Optional: If the list is rather long, it may be helpful for everyone if you notify these members days in advance. Delays often occur when members go astray or do not know that they are needed.

6) Please remember to tell your venue that there will be a meal for your photographer(s), and separate seating arrangements (in the same dinning room as the guests, unless this is not possible). This table may include other vendors such as the wedding planner, band, DJ, Videographers, etc.

7) Food restrictions: It would be appreciated if you could warn your wedding planner or caterer than I am unable to eat seafood. Otherwise any dish is fine.  If you have requested a second shooter that will be in attendance during dinner, I will let you know should there be food restrictions for them.

I like to be very organized so we can avoid any nasty surprises and simply relay on all the work we’ve done in preparation.

Let's avoid stress on the day! Weddings can be unpredictable at times, and worrying about it only dampens the fun. I'm here to help keep us on schedule, and anything that deviates from the plan may just be a funny story to tell later on.