Double Exposures

I met a photographer at Expozine in Montreal this weekend who did masterful double exposure, long exposure and projection work. He used himself in a lot of the photos (beautifully). So inspired I wanted to get my hands dirty with it. I'd like to grab a model for round two to make things more interesting.

Everything's done in camera, no photoshop alterations, to keep it challenging and authentic.


Charlotte is a high school student that I'm tutoring in photography once a week for her career placement program. I love working with her. I see myself in her when I was in high school, unsure of so many things but determined to figure it out piece by piece. We went out in October 2013 to attack the 3 pillars of photography, which I found easiest with a film camera. As we walked along I let her decide where and when to stop to set up a frame. Developping her film after was exciting, it's fun to see what grabs another person to take a shot. The 3rd image is one I took of her toward the end.

Seattle 2013

I make a point of visiting Seattle often since one of my closest friends moved there. In September 2013 we rented a car to Yakima, WA. It was roughly 3 hours from the city. We had nothing on the agenda except to stop the car when and where we wanted, packing heat (3 cameras between the 2 of us for the afternoon). We walked the 'Petrified Forest' trail and stopped at various look out points. There's much more I would have liked to photograph on this road trip but I definitely enjoyed the rest without looking at it through a lens. 

The last two frames are from my meandering on the docks below Pike Market on a separate day in Seattle.

Retrieval 2

Another retrieved frame from Winter 2013, on the Wanderlust trip our class took to Quebec. I drove North of our cottage for about an hour and a half to visit a small town I researched with a history of tourism for it's open bay. It was desolate except for a few dog walkers, being such a cold time of year. All the better for me to move around at peace. There was so much land to cover that I spent 2 consecutive days walking up and down the shoreline. This frame didn't make the cut for the series I finished for this class.

Hudson Fire Station

Images from a visit to the old station of Hudson, Quebec. I wandered around with a friend who is also a fireman there. We wanted these keep sakes before the station was moved for good into the new super station. 


It's always good for a photographer to step back from their work. The unfortunate thing for working photographers that have a constant workflow is that we have to take breaks without a lot of time to do so. I'm looking forward to projects that allow me to work on over a few months rather than a few weeks (or a few days). This is a frame I disregarded years ago and I was so happy to find. It may not be much to some people, but I see Sally Mann's Southern Landscapes in this somehow, without the collodion conditioning.