Yogurt Parfait featuring Marché Elm Granola


I didn't necessarily follow a recipe except for the endless inspiration I've been saving in my head from sources such as Pinterest, there's just so much you can do with a yogurt parfait and the most fun aspect is it's too easy to follow a recipe. Just let creativity flow.

It started with getting my hands on a key ingredient; My Marché Elm granola blend by local Montreal granola company Mixit. It contains: Organic Tapioca syrup,  dehydrated strawberries, dehydrated raspberries, sunflower, chia and hulled hemp seeds. Yum! You can get your own by visiting their store here.


Marché Elm Mixit Granola blend

Plain Greek yogurt

Drizzled honey






Of course after my recent trip to Cuba I had to add Guava in there. I do miss having it every morning for breakfast, but every now and then buying some exotic fruits at home is good for the soul.

I happened to be at a shopping centre yesterday with rows of these flower bushes lining the parking lot. I hope they didn't mind that I snatched a few branches to texture my table up.


Take a further look at our featured guests: Marché Elm and Mixit