Paleo Orange and Chocolate Marzipan Treats


It's a wonder why I haven't tried this earlier!

My family has always indulged in Marzipan, a cake for each of our birthday's and a load of marzipan sweets in our stocking at Christmas. I've made it from scratch as well which is just as good as from a bakery. Though I stumbled across this healthy version which falls under a Paleo diet and is so lovely. A little more difficult to handle than when using confection sugar but a truly wonderful result and easy on the waist! Also beautiful on the eyes.



1 cup blanched almonds

2 tbsp of raw honey

1-2 tsp of almond extract

1/2 tbsp orange rind

Chocolate coating

4 ounces of unsweetened bakers chocolate

2 tbsp of honey (or to taste)

1 heaping tbsp of coconut oil



Place all of the ingredients in a food processor and process for 1-2 minutes until fully incorporated and mouldable.

If you’ve made marzipan the usual way (with confection sugar) you’ll notice this mixture is much more crumbly and oily. To help with this I compacted the mixture and let set in the fridge for 30 minutes.

Roll into balls and garnish with an almond (as you wish).

Chocolate coating

Melt the ingredients together on the stove top, medium heat, mixing continuously so not to burn the chocolate.

Make sure the mixture is somewhat thick, add more chocolate and honey if too watery.

Drizzle the chocolate over the marzipan and let set in the fridge for about an hour.

Serve as is (or poor more fresh chocolate on top) and enjoy!