Healthy Kombucha Mojito


Thanks to my friend Erin who suggested I try a healthy Mojito recipe on the blog this week. It’s exceedingly hot out so it couldn’t come at a better time.

After some research I noticed that some people were using Kombucha for their Mojitos, I thought this was a great idea for flavour, effervescence and the small amount of unrefined sugar! I used Rose Schizandra and Mint Chlorophyll from Rise, which in my area you can purchase at Mikko Espresso and Boutique.

So what’s in them and why is this good for me?

Rise Rose Schizandra

Filtered water, Kombucha culture, raw cane juice, rose petals, wood betony, green tea, schizandra berries and hibiscus flowers.  *These ingredients promote digestive aid and a natural stimulant/stress fighter.

Rise Mint Chlorophyll

Filtered water, Kombucha culture, raw cane juice, green tea, peppermint, chlorophyllin, peppermint essential oil, xanthin gum. *These ingredients are detoxifying, helpful after a day of binge eating.


Spear mint

1 ounce white rum



RISE Mint Chlorophyll or RISE Rose Schizandra


Lime Wedge

Lemon Balm

Fill glass with ice


Feel free to play with the recipe, I wasn’t too specific with the proportions, so add everything as desired and within reason.