My mom and I decided to visit NYC on a whim. Her with the intention of visiting an art convention and the two of us hitting up as many stores, galleries, and restaurants we could based on recommendations and a little research. We found a blog written by a mother and daughter team who did a similar trip, so I’m inspired to leave you with a detailed post on our own time in NY.

We arrived at the Milford Hotel (designed on the inside to mimic the set of a movie). Exactly 1 block away was Times Square. Our first outing was straight to Bryant Park for lunch, eager to see it.

We stumbled upon stores that look so tiny and secret that you’re shocked to walk in and see that it’s huge and full of people. The Antique Shop (it’s actual name) had everything you could think of, and everything you couldn’t.

A sangria stop at the Cupping Room was note worthy. Topped with alcohol infused pineapple and oranges, and a croissant about as big as my head. Yum! Beautiful to sit in as well.

We got lucky passing Anthropology and ABC accidentally/on purpose. We hadn’t mapped out the exact location but after walking in the presumed direction there we were. ABC is by far the most need-to-see store for any artist and lover of interior design, I swear I felt like a kid in santa’s work shop. I hear the restaurant inside is great (and difficult to get a reservation for).

We spent the rest of the trip taking in other obvious locations for shopping such as Macy’s. I ventured alone to B&H on day 2-the one stop shop and heaven on earth for all photographers. I attempted to carry so many toys to the cash that my arms were overflowing.

We had a mediocre dinner (at best..) on night 1 at a restaurant called Marseille on 44th and 9th Avenue. We had heard good things but on day 2 decided that choosing a restaurant on foot was best - we were rewarded by walking on 46th. We settled on an Italian restaurant called Lattanzi. Gorgeous on the inside and unbelievably delicious. My mouth waters thinking back on it.

Sweet tooth like our family? The Magnolia Bakery on the corner beside Rockefeller Plaza was our dessert. We went more than once.

As short as our trip was, I couldn’t have felt happier walking the streets of NYC with no real agenda except for enjoying myself. I think a real vacation should never have a schedule.