Los Angeles

An unexpected adventure occurred for my 26th birthday. It was a good opportunity to extend the celebrations by visiting a friend in Seattle, which is starting to feel like a home away from home. I arrived around 6pm on the 13th of February and was informed to keep my suitcase packed because in 12 hours we were heading to Los Angeles!



It would be very unlike me to leave my camera at home and I've been waiting for an opportunity just like this one to fire with my new Fuji x100s. Loving the results.

Our trip was the perfect blend of LA culture: two nights at Hotel Bel Air (squeal of excitement!) following by a private apartment in Venice. Four days in total.



The notable events of our trip started immediately at Bob Hope airport. Five feet to my right, talking to her husband: Kristen Schaal! She seemed refreshingly down to earth and sweet as she spoke to some people around her.



We started the day off with a walk along Manhattan beach before checking into our hotel. I doubt I’ve ever been on such a huge stretch of sand. The beach-front homes shot shivers of jealously down my spine.



In the afternoon we adored our private patio at the hotel and the grounds for a couple of hours. Really, one could spend their entire vacation there. We weren’t all surprised to see Andrew Garfield eating breakfast two tables over from us in the morning. That was the cherry on top of my perfectly cooked eggs and apple smoked bacon. Here are the wanderings of Hotel Bel Air:


On night one we dolled up and went to Osteria La Buca in Hollywood (it was Valentine’s day after all). I experienced LA traffic for the first time.

On day two we ventured out to the Hollywood Hills to take in the view, the house gawking and the crazy driving. Steep hills, sharp corners, narrow lanes, crazy drivers. Loren enjoyed that part more than I because I was popping Gravel while wishing I had packed some Ativan. But wow the views were worth it.

We then went thrift shopping on Melrose. I definitely recommend Wasteland for second hand designer clothing. We attempted the night scene by researching what place was the swankiest in town, which brought us to try the Bazar at the SLS hotel in Beverly Hills. The barmen were fun to watch making a spectacle of the cocktail pouring - but having arrived late and without a place to sit we opted for In and Out. The line for the drive through extended around the corner so we settled on room service at 1am. Oops! (Not sorry).


Venice beach was an experience of it’s own. I was warned the people watching would be the highlight and I wasn’t disappointed. We grabbed our bikes at sunset and rode to Santa Monica where they have a bustling amusement park over the ocean. These shots retell the day pretty accurately:

The ride was definitely a highlight for me, I felt very free thinking of how cold it is back home while riding through a chilly summer night on the beach. Magical!


The fourth day we reserved for spontaneous sights and a pass through Rodeo Drive before heading back to Bob Hope.

Thank you LA, I hope to see you again soon! And thank you Loren who made this trip happen.