Tina Adams | One Year

Tina is one of those people I've met that I'll remember late in my life. It's difficult to imagine that so much could happen to a person and that they could come back. I don't just mean that her body was able to heal, the positivity and attitude she has takes years if at all for some who've gone through the same trauma.

1 year ago while jogging she was hit by a drunk driver who fled the scene. I remember hearing about it on the news, it was a conversation piece in town, everyone was horrified and disgusted.

Tina woke from a coma a week after the accident. 15 surgeries later (at least 3 more to go) she walks with crutches and will wait for a complete hip replacement.

These photos are to celebrate coming back from everything she went through.

We spoke about this session together for a few weeks leading up to the first anniversary since her accident. It was extremely important that these photos portrayed confidence and beauty. Beauty in strength first and foremost, but why should any person with scars or even stretch marks not feel beautiful. In owning hers she wishes anyone else who needs confidence will do the same.

There was little to no direction necessary on my part - Tina wasn't putting on a facade. The confidence you see in her photos is real.

I'm forever honoured to help her spread a positive message through what was a horrible accident and that I've gotten to know such a beautiful soul.

You can watch Tina and I speak from last night's Global News segment and read our interviews on CBC.

"Throughout my life, I had ups and downs. It has been one year since that horrible evening and I've been struggling and fighting everyday to get past hard times. I lived through the impossible and I believe there's a reason why. I might not find out what it is right away but eventually I will. Many people tell me they don't understand how I stay so strong and how it renders them speechless. But "You never know how strong you are until being strong is the only choice you have". I am not fully recovered, I still walk with crutches and I need a wheelchair for long distance but it's better than not walking at all. I still have many more operations to do and the operations will never be over and so far I've already had approximately 15 operations. The fight I've been battling will be for life. I must remain positive and raise awareness and show the world that no matter what happens to you in life everything happens for a reason. I did this photo shoot because I want to show the world that every body is beautiful whether you have stretch marks, cellulite or scars. It doesn't change who you are and it shouldn't change the way you see yourself. All these things you might see as imperfections are part of your story and who you are today. You should always know that no matter how you look on the outside if you feel confident about who you are on the inside people will only see that positive energy. Your inner beauty is always what matters the most and as long as you're beautiful inside you will always be beautiful on the outside."

-Tina Adams

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