baby bump

Dylan + Colin + 1

Dylan and Colin first made their appearance on my blog last year for their Auberge des Gallant wedding. Since then they've gotten quite the jump start on the rest of their lives together. They've bought an adorably beautiful home in the country which was home to a number of horses, and they're expecting a little girl very very soon. They haven't released the name to the world just yet but I did get a few heavy hints. No, I won't be sharing that!

I love shooting with this couple, they're such a creative couple with great personal style. When the camera is on them they have a soft genuine quality that fits their personalities so well.

I can't wait to meet their little girl when the time comes, all my love to their growing family! Congratulations D+C+1 !

G+J: Expecting

After a short hiatus on my blog I have many works to share, wonderful people, strong images, beautiful scenery. Everyday I'm proud to have built this business, that I can have these experiences with other real, down to earth people. G+J were a pleasure to meet and get to know as we trekked through a wooded area of Saint-Lazare. I learnt that they met while working in one of the most remote and Northern areas of North America. They chose Saint Lazare and Hudson as their own home base, and now, as you can see, are starting a family. Only a few short weeks after this shoot they had their first baby. Thanks G+J for allowing me to catch these photos of you, many congratulations to their growing family!