Joelle Make Up

it's a pleasure to introduce you all to one of my absolute favourite wedding and event vendors, Joelle Cote. I've worked along side her for many years and she has offered nothing but the absolute best to our clients! Each and every one of them have raved about her services and generosity, she's a star in Montreal and I'm lucky to share so many clients with her! Often when I meet with my own I'm excited to share names of those they may want or need; people that I know, trust and love. Joelle is always at the top of my list.

Her site is getting it's make over (pun intended) and will be launched this month. To get ready for that I've decided to share a shoot we worked on together this summer prepping for it.

Joelle tackled a number of looks to share what she's capable of. In this teaser we have bridal looks, boudoir and maternity. We had a great team of models, and absolutely amazing hair stylists Meital and Kellie from The Only Chair.

Something extra I love, on top of everything, is that Joelle offers lashes and airbrush to all of her clients should they want, and brides can leave with a touch up kit. We all know touch ups are necessary after a few hours, and so often clients are left with nothing when the MUA has left. So smart!


Joelle Cote | Make up (514) 966-4665 (Website coming soon)

The Only Chair | Hair Stylists

Laurence Cote, Pamela Risvanis and Kathy Girard | Models