Jessica + Mike: Engaged

I met J+M last summer when Mike gifted a shoot to Jessica with their dog Bentley, soon after that they were engaged and we were talking about the wedding! They'll be early in my 2018 season and I'm so excited for it.

I haven't visited Pointe-du-Moulin before, or at least in my adult years, but I'm so glad the couple suggested it. The water was extra high due to the flooding, trekking around wasn't as easy as it probably is today but it made the area extra quiet and the woods extra moody.

J+M are so funny and sweet, I know they'll put together a memorable day and I'll have a blast being a part of it!

Anna + Salvatore: Engaged

I loved looking back at this shoot prepping it for the teaser today because it reminds me of Holidays. Anna, Salvatore, their Frenchie Luna and I met in the Old Port for their engagement shoot just days before Christmas. We had originally planned to meet on the Monday but waited a few days because they were calling for a snow fall. It ended moments after we started our shoot, perfect sticky Canadian snow to traipse through - it was perfection. Luna was well behaved and loved the camera, albeit a little distracted by the snow. It was her first experience with it to be fair! A+S met in Montreal and both currently work in San Fransisco. Feeling ultra jealous of this fact as I look out the window and think about how cold my car must be right now.

Congrats to A+S (+L), and thanks for a great afternoon in Montreal!