Kadri Family

I've discussed family sessions before, there are some significant challenges working with kids that vary depending on their ages. You can't ask them to do something you want or need as a photographer, like you would an adult, and if they do it chances are they won't do it the way you hoped or hold it. That's why I like to take every session as a play date and get what you can. Embrace the funny, the weird and the spontaneity.

What I've never mentioned was the difference polite children can make. There is no shame on parents being laid in this post, I have a niece who is sweet as pie one day and won't have anything to do with you the next. Kids can be unpredictable. What I can say though, is the more you've instilled manners and kindness into your children the more likely they are to give it back.

I bring this up with the Kadri family's session because they stole a tiny piece of my heart this day, it's obvious the parents did their job and more with their children. Between picking flowers, chasing birds, Laia showing me how to dance and genuine sweetness, they were above and beyond.

Cheers to all parents, who struggle and work so much for the little 'wins'.

And this lovely family for the beautiful day!