Stephanie + Michael | Married

I'm long overdue sharing this special wedding day from earlier this summer, Stephanie + Michael. I've told this story in the past but it's been a while so I'll refresh your memories. It was January 2016 and I received a call from Michael, who was planning to gift his girlfriend (and their pup) a couple's session together for Christmas. Of course it was going to be so much more than that since Michael was planning to surprise her with an engagement! We planned the moment down to the second she would turn around and see him on his knee. I was exceptionally nervous, but more excited than anything, to make sure it happened under my instruction during the shoot, without botching the moment! Luckily I was able to pose Stephanie facing away from Michael, with her eyes closed, and not tempted to look behind her. The nerves kicked in a little, but I'm sure they weren't nearly the same nerves as Michael had! I think we both deserve credit for our acting capabilities. I asked her to turn around and face Michael. The look on her face was one of the most priceless looks I can remember shooting! Here's the post if you'd like to see it for yourself.

Since that week the planning for this day had started and it's hard to wonder how the time has passed already. They threw a party like no other with some of the very best to make it happen, and I couldn't even begin to explain how wonderful this couple was to work for from start to finish! A truly deserving couple for a lifetime of love, health and happiness.

Enjoy their wedding day teaser!

Cake | Emily Chin cakes

Flowers | le Myosotis

Video | PBNJ productions


MC and Lighting | Industry Events

Hair | Maggie Semaan

Makeup | Véronique Tozzi and Valérie Sullivan 

Venue | Plaza Antique