Seven Families | One day

When it comes to family and casual shoots I've never attempted more than two in one day - let alone seven! I was contacted by a very dear friend (who's wedding has been on this blog before, let along a few of the other parents in this group). She spread the word to other local families about organizing a photo day. At first I expected maybe four, and perhaps we could walk around as a group. We ended up with 7 families! We managed to schedule each one after the other, in beautiful L'Ile-Perrot. I wasn't sure if I was facing utter chaos, or a seamless day out in nature. Luckily, thanks to everyone's organization, and effort on all sides, the day went perfectly!

It was truly beautiful. So much happiness and love, it was slightly overwhelming at the end of the day. I'm not a mother myself but this day wasn't just work experience for me, I learned a lot about what a lasting relationship and being a parent looks like. True, I'm not there with them to see the midnight feedings, the struggles of potty training, or the endless teething and ear aches. But this glimpse gave me a lot to go on. There were tears, of course, only so many times does a toddler or newborn want to be picked up and kissed, or asked to sit still rather than explore. But the amount of love I saw outweighed any moment of frustration; there was so much there as a photographer it's difficult to say when you have enough. I could do this for years and never get the same moment twice. Simply put, it was amazing to see.

Thanks to everyone who took the time to work with me, I understand the importance to capture these moments, it fills me up with all the warm and fuzzies that you invited me to help with that.

In order of appearance: Jen, Rob and baby on the way | Kirsten, Chris, Kai and baby on the way | Tamara, Julian and Jakob | Jennifer, Peter and Ellis | Victoria, Anthony and Nicholas | Meagan, Simon, Brady and Tess | Kayleigh, Marc and William (And Jax the dog)

Bianca + Bruce: Engagement

Introducing Bianca + Bruce on the blog today - I loved this session! We got a real sleepy hollow feel with the overcast day in the woods, leaves littering the ground and rich warm colours. It really let me push the editing in that direction without forcing it since it fit so well.

I'm super excited to have B+B as one of my couples tying the knot in August 2018! Possibly on this property as well, which should look so different and equally stunning. What makes it an extra special location is that it belongs to Bianca's Grandparents. Her grandmother lives many acres from these trails and on our way we passed the house her grandfather lived in before they met and married. Talk about high school sweethearts!

I had a blast at this shoot, congrats B+B!