Sarah + Dave + 1

Today is the absolute perfect time to share Sarah + Dave's maternity shoot, which we did over the (Canadian) Thanksgiving weekend. Last night, they welcomed their little girl into the world! Happy and healthy, dark hair, a whole 7 pounds 9 ounces!

 You know I love an overcast day but even more than that I love endless quiet fields to play in. It got to a point where Sarah and I were wearing more mud on our feet than we were wearing boots, but it's all worth it.

We were also lucky to find a patch of sunflowers along the road. The owner of the property was more than generous about letting us take photos there. It's all part of my, "It'll never happen unless you ask" motto. Or you know, trespass, but luckily we didn't have to do that.

Congratulations to this mom and dad, who are going to be insanely loving and awesome parents!

Julia + Michael: Married

It's exciting back in the editing room when so many guests gave great real moment reactions throughout the course of the day. Julia & Michael are surrounded by some great people in their close circle; it's no wonder why they attract them either because they're both kind and exceptionally lovely human beings. I hope everyone I work with is as much as they are.

Being one of my last weddings of 2016 we struggled with maybe one aspect - how short the days are in October! As much as we plan in advance, weddings have a tendency to move at a pace of their own (as they should when everyone is having fun) but this left us with approximately 15 minutes for the bride and groom creatives (which I like to allot an hour for). Luckily, being as cool as they are, and their guests for allowing me to borrow them, we took full advantage of the sunset. It was worth it, folks! I always thank guests at times like these for being cool - have fun, enjoy your cocktails and mingles; these photos are lasting the couple a lifetime.

Another day full of colour, love, dancing and tears, a simply beautiful way to end my 2016 season!

Thank you J+M and congratulations to you both!

Florals: Que Passent les Saisons

Venue: Whitlock Golf & Country Club