Engagement Shoot

W+E: Engaged

I met W+E a very short while ago, our first time face to face being this engagement session together. I'm over the moon that they called me to take the role of photographer at their wedding because it's couples like these that I love to work with. Very real, sweet people, who like most aren't in front of the camera too often but can still turn it on like they do this every weekend.

Today felt like a great time to share this shoot because tomorrow is their big day. Give them (and me!) some good luck wishes as the weather isn't looking nearly as sunny as their engagement. Sun, cloud, rain, storm, it doesn't matter truly at the end of the day because all you need is to be present. W+E haven't shown me any signs of stress but I tell all bride and grooms that if you get married on your wedding day, it was a success. Be in the moment, take your own mental pictures as much as you can. If you're in those moments throughout the day the photos will be nothing but perfect.

Congratulations W+E, can't wait to see them get hitched tomorrow!

Dara + Dylan: Engagement

On one of the last snowy days we had in Montreal I had the pleasure of meeting Dara, Dylan and their (big) sweetheart Shyna in the town of St. Eustache for their engagement photos. This is one of the only times I'm very fond of the snow, because it was a perfect covering on the tree branches and not too cold! Not something we get all winter long! Dara and Dylan are such lovely people, it was a pleasure to walk around with them, learn about their relationship, their lives together in Montreal, and their fur baby Shyna! She loved the snow and we were stopped a number of times by people strolling by wanting to meet her. Who could blame them.

Thank you D + D + S for the afternoon in your hometown, and congratulations on your engagement!