Oriana + Adamo | Engaged

A few weeks back Oriana, Adamo and I met at Bice in Montreal before their engagement party to photo their spiffy attire and celebrate their wedding, which will take place next year!

Their cousin, the talented Fusion Photography, will be the photographer of their wedding day, and he's a lucky man to get these two in front of his camera - I was honoured to have them for the engagement party, especially since Oriana and I were photography students together back in the day!

We had a great time chasing light down Sherbrooke street, I was getting anxious with the sun dipping behind the high rises until we found a rooftop to play with.

Wishing them love, happiness, and thanking them for having me on this day!

Hannah + Justin | Married

Thunderstorms woke up the entire city at 6am but the day seemed to clear up, beautiful and sunny. I visit the guys, the ladies and off we go to the meeting spot at Westmount park so that Hannah and Justin can see each other for the first time on their wedding day. Waiting in the car for Justin's limo to arrive, the sun is almost immediately swallowed up with rain clouds and it's torrential downpour. This is the moment where a photographer has to say, do we wait for it to pass? How much time do we have to wait it out, or to travel to our Plan B? This is the sort of pressure wedding photographers deal with on a weekly basis, more than once (and only 1 of the many problems we may need to solve). This pressure is exactly why I've been photographing weddings for 10 years and why I still love them. They still give me butterflies. If we weren't pushed to work under pressure, we wouldn't get striking material that is so special to us and our especially our clients.

The second major important factor that makes me proud of this day is that H+J were calm, trusting and simply happy - this was their wedding day. Why shouldn't they be. They were getting married and letting the pros do the thinking. There was a huge and incredible team that worked on this day, and we were working for them. The important thing for future brides to know is that your team works you so you can enjoy every second. H+J prove that it's so important, just look at them in these photos They'll look at these photos for their entire lives, and they won't remember any stress.

I'm honoured to work for the most fun and loving couple. Hannah, you're a beauty, the life of the party, this, and every party. Justin, I haven't known you as long as Hannah, but it's obvious you're the best man to be coupled with this lady; kind, funny and maybe just a little handsome!

Congratulations H+J!

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