A quick jaunt to San Francisco

Since this past summer my boyfriend has been visiting San Francisco almost biweekly for work; now that I'm in the middle of the off season, it was the perfect time to join! Luckily it was president's day which gave us plenty of time to take in the sights. Our Airbnb was an attraction in itself, a very cool artist's loft, belonging to a talented painter; Cathleen Daly.

We biked our way around the embarcadero, lunched at Rookies' stand in the Ferry building's market, ate devilishly creamy and delicious ice cream at Humphry Slocombe, ferried to Sausalito, biked back over the Golden Gate, and hiked Muir woods. An incredibly fun sight, in my opinion, was the Musée Mécanique; it was filled with fully functional vintage arcade games. I could have spent an entire afternoon in there.

Most trips that I go on these days have been mainly focused on bakeries. I'm a dessert fanatic. I have a deep love for the art of baking, as well as the art of eating. I experienced one of the best (dare I say the best) almond croissants of my life at b. patisserie. To be precise, it was a chocolate almond banana croissant. More of these need to exist in the world. It was suggested that I try Tartine, which unfortunately I could not reach this time around. My biggest hope was to try Mr. Holmes Bakehouse after the enormous reception it has online. Being a holiday morning on a beautiful sunny day, the line was simply too long while we had sights to take in. I'll have to fly back just for it. We settled on a box of treats from Bob's Donuts. I shouldn't use the word settled, as this was a brilliant move. They were perfectly crispy on the outside and doughy on the inside, and they sell donuts bigger than your head (if you dare)!

I have to mention the A+ restaurants we went to. Taqueria Vallarta in the Mission was as authentically amazing as it gets, and our Thai dinner at Ploy II in Haight was outstanding. Drake's Dealership is also a great place for a beer and stone cooked pizza if you happen to be in Oakland.

All in all, a perfect few days away and hope to be back in San Fran soon!

W+E: Engaged

I met W+E a very short while ago, our first time face to face being this engagement session together. I'm over the moon that they called me to take the role of photographer at their wedding because it's couples like these that I love to work with. Very real, sweet people, who like most aren't in front of the camera too often but can still turn it on like they do this every weekend.

Today felt like a great time to share this shoot because tomorrow is their big day. Give them (and me!) some good luck wishes as the weather isn't looking nearly as sunny as their engagement. Sun, cloud, rain, storm, it doesn't matter truly at the end of the day because all you need is to be present. W+E haven't shown me any signs of stress but I tell all bride and grooms that if you get married on your wedding day, it was a success. Be in the moment, take your own mental pictures as much as you can. If you're in those moments throughout the day the photos will be nothing but perfect.

Congratulations W+E, can't wait to see them get hitched tomorrow!

Chantal & Jason: Engaged

Chantal, Jason and I met for this engagement session 2 weeks before the wedding day. It still blows my mind that their wedding day came and went already. In fact I've prepared their USB for delivery this morning and can't wait to bring it to them! That made me think that this morning was a great time to share the engagement, their wedding day will soon follow and I promise a show stopper. These two have excellent taste and a fun personality to match, two people so obviously in love - working with them has been a dream.

We had a great time walking around Old Montreal on a quiet Wednesday morning. At times it felt like we had the entire place to ourselves. You can tell because there are a few busy streets shown without a single person in site. A rare treat!

You'll be seeing more of these two soon, I promise.