Stephanie + Michael: Proposal

I felt confident going into this session like any other, more excited than anything else. I was about to photograph a couple and their dog, a gift from Mike to his girlfriend for Christmas. What Mike and I knew that Stephanie didn't was that he was going to pop the question right in the middle of it.

The session started casually, I greeted the two of them like I would any couple, doing my best not to throw any hint of a wink or nudge at Mike despite all the detailed emails we had back and forth. We wanted the proposal to be flawless and the last thing I wanted was to make Stephanie wonder what was up!

Getting Stephanie to stand facing away from Mike while he got on one knee was the easy part. My concern was making sure her eyes were closed and they stayed that way. I calmly kept telling her "don't move, this is perfect" and when Mike was ready I said in the most nonchalant way "now slowly turn around for me please". Perfection! Steph's face was priceless and even my hands were shaking after it all. What a cool and inspiring thing to witness.

Congratulations Stephanie + Michael! Thanks Mike for letting me help you remember this day.