Sarah + David: Married

Sarah and David hold a special warm place in my heart, they may not know this about me but now I know this about them - We are nerds! Said proudly of course. Examples include a request to photograph the rings on Sarah's Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone book, and David sporting a Dr. Who Sonic Screwdriver in the inside pocket of his jacket. In my opinion this makes them some of the coolest people I've met. We won't get into my nerdy preferences today but my closest friends are well aware.

The couple met while working at the local IGA. Since the ceremony and reception were near by, we needed a photo in front of it. Dating starting from there and the rest you can see. Amy is their beautiful daughter seen in this teaser, one of the happiest (and easiest) I've met. She got through a long list of family photos which is almost unheard of considering her age!

Though the day was rainy and dark for the better part of it, Sarah, David, their family and friends were smiles the entire time. It's heart melting to experience a day and group of people as wonderful as this!

Proud as always to have been there for it!