Michelle + James | Engaged

Not too long ago M+J and I set out to do this session with their beautiful Golden - it was chilly, the leaves were down and you could smell them on the breeze by the water, this is my time of year! Wrapped in comfy clothes, cute boots and hot coffees. I've loved it since I was a kid think it will always be my favourite time of year!

I'm so happy to have couples like M+J, they rocked this shoot by just being themselves; sweet, creative, patient (when it came to Piper, who was sincerely awesome) and loving. Since this shoot they've adopted a rescue and now sister to Piper, Scotch! Maybe we'll find a way to get them in a shot on the wedding day, wink wink M+J? ;) I can't wait for that in 2017.

Congrats on your engagement, you two!