Melanie + Rikki: Married

You might remember this couple from the e-session a couple of months back at Stewart Hall. I was excited to see what the wedding day would look like at the Ritz Carlton and they delivered. When I heard that the wedding dress had a bodice embellished with feathers I died a little!

I adore this couple for their kind heart above all else. It could have been Rikki's eagerness to kiss the bride multiple times throughout the ceremony, Melanie's sister devoting all her love and attention to the details (while quite pregnant) or Melanie's "surrogate" father officiating the ceremony (her bridesmaid's dad). Besides that it was hearing from Melanie the days following that gave me warm fuzzies. Rather than many who collapse from the weight of putting on a big wedding, slightly relieved for it to be over, Melanie said she was still buzzing from the love she felt in the room and I could hear it in her voice. I couldn't pick better clients so I'm thrilled they picked me.

Congrats M+R!

Second shot by Marlon Kuhnreich.