I'm titling this post simply 'Logan'. Back in February 2014 I photographed his older brothers, Derek and James, when they were the same size he is now. I met their amazing parents years ago for the wedding before they ever imagined their lives would become all about 3 boys. I've loved shooting with them from the start; a really down to earth, hard working couple, as in love as can be. Relationship goals.

When photographing a family with young kids, I'll always suggest up front that we try not to make the shoot something it's not. Kids will be kids, with scrapes on their knees, deviant smiles, motion blur and often tears (for 100's of reasons). I'd rather capture that than attempt to get them sitting in a row looking like they'd rather be anywhere else.

These boys gave me so many smiles I hard a hard time choosing the shots! Excited to see them again, a little bit bigger!