Lea's 1st Birthday

Anyone who's arranging a session with their baby, especially when there's a cake smash involved, can learn from Lea's mother Racha. She was so well prepared that we were able to get some brilliant moments!

I tell all my clients that props are a nice idea, unnecessary but great depending on the inspiration. They can provide what they like and I'm willing to help where I can. Racha had a car full of props, back ups,  and tools for us should we need them. Scott towel (you'll see why), oversized balloons, helium tanks (plural), towels, music, ribbon, water bottles, baby bottles and so much more. We needed everything at some point to get these shots.

Racha, of course, had a blanket but we opted for mine as it was the perfect colour. I love mine, which I picked up from Mikko Espresso and Boutique. I ADORE the expressions we got from Lea, including but not limited to: 'WOW!', 'I'm not so sure..', 'I really don't like that' and back to 'WOW!'

This was also by far the messiest cake smash I've photographed to date. Watch the mayhem unfold as you click through! Thanks to Racha and her joy, Lea, for being especially fun to work with. 

Happy 1st birthday, Lea!