Lauren + Brian Married

I love an opportunity to travel for work. Looking back on my 2014 season I'm so thankful I had experiences such as this stunning Stowe Mountain Lodge wedding!

There's a lot to learn from this one. As a photographer and as a newly engaged couple.

Something I deal with all the time is coordinating what can and can't be done during the ceremony. In most cases the sky is the limit (with respect to the sanctity of the ceremony, regardless of religion). Approximately two weeks before L+B's wedding I received a request to sign a contract for the Rabbi with strict rules. I was only allowed to move around during the procession and the remaining time was limited to standing in one spot at the back. The bride understood the photography would be severely limited but agreed with the terms. The Rabbi was polite, did not bully me into compliancy and gave us ample notice. As long as everyone is in agreement, I'm perfectly happy. Perhaps disappointed for the loss of photo opportunities, but this was the way of it. The moral? Discuss these rules with your officiant and relay to your photographer so that everyone is understood and happy. It can be a mess otherwise.

Lauren and I discussed using the chair lift weeks before the wedding. This was a beautiful idea and gave us stunning scenery at the top of the mountain!

Prepare to be surprised: Lauren was essentially her own wedding planner! I couldn't believe it when I entered the dinning room. If it were within everyone's means I would tell all my clients to go out and get yourself a wedding planner, it is so essential to pulling of a beautiful wedding. And yet here Lauren did it all herself and was a total success. She's 1 in 1,000!

I'm so thrilled to share these, congratulations Lauren + Brian!

Thank you endlessly to Roxanne Ross for her talents and help as second shooter.


Flower arrangements: