Jessica + James Married

I love finding out what the final tone and palette a wedding will have in the preview. I can get an idea of where things are heading while shooting based on the weather, the arrangements, the lighting. I'm really enjoying the tone of Jessica + James' day - there's mature colouring to their country wedding thanks in part to the clouds in the sky and the elegant pinks and creams (a personal favourite of mine). The guys also wore gray but never the same shade. With so many groomsmen this was a great aesthetic choice!

Jessica and James got married in Ormstown, which like any small towner they knew like the back of their hands. The day threatened rain and did come down on us at some points (not that it took the smile off of anyone's face). The reception took place at the Industrial Fair which was a total playground for a photographer! This place exuded character at every corner!

Weddings don't get much more DIY than this. When you slide along and reach the cake, remember that Jessica made it herself. I might need to call her when I get married...

Congratulations Jessica + James!