Grace + Kevin: Married

Grace and Kevin were my first couple to get married in 2016! I was so thankful that no rain came down on us so we could go for a sail with the bridal party before the ceremony started. It was a beautiful way to enjoy the quiet part of the day before all of their guests arrived.

Grace and Kevin are incredibly sweet and genuine people, with great friends and family. They do something right to have all of that support behind them.

Something I love about looking through these photos is remembering that Grace and I were childhood friends! I guess our parents took a liking to each other because even though Grace and I weren't in school together, I have photos tucked away in my drawer of her at my 8th birthday party. It's really something to know her again in our late 20's, seeing her marrying Kevin (who is a pretty stand up guy).

Congratulations, health and happiness to Grace & Kevin!