Christie Hebert

Christie is a Canadian actress, now working in film and television in Park City, Utah. Today was a fun day for 3 creatives (Tania Stratti and I had our cameras in hand)! Most shoots of mine are time sensitive; we're limited to shooting at a designated time, planned before we knew what the weather would do, and normally we have to be done at a certain time. I'm used to working this way, but I love being able to shoot without as many restraints. We had sunset and rain to be aware of but the dramatic overcast skies made up for it.

For this session I tested a few black and white presets that I've been working on getting comfortable with. I feel really good about these! It's a proud moment to see yourself evolve.

There are some behind the scenes thanks to Tania that I'll be sharing soon!

To learn more about Christie, an obvious talent, visit her website.