Cari + Bradford: Married

Cari + Bradford might be a personal favourite of this year. I don't pick favourites, and to be fair it's not always possible with the clients I've had. But there's something about the combination of perfect weather, lighting and location to call this one extra memorable. Good lighting is good lighting in the world of photography, but I have colleagues who prefer shadow play on bright sunny days, some that prefer dark and stormy. C+B had a day that gave us bright sun with the right amount of cloud to diffuse the light at times and add drama at others.

Back to them. A fun and genuine couple! I met Cari in the morning, walking around in her spanks like it was nothing (and still looking beautiful.. Not an easy look to pull off). She's incredibly easy going and that made everyone in the house relaxed and excited.

The two of them light each other up. We decided to visit the field up the road from the cottage where they were married and Bradford explained that the tree in the centre was where he proposed.

Though time was running out to get them to the reception I couldn't help but as if I could get them in the tall grass. I had an itch to try it from the moment I drove past in the morning. Without hesitation they said "Uh ya!". Future brides and grooms take note from C+B. Being relaxed and able to enjoy your day is ultimately the best attitude on what can be hectic, it is what you make it. And taking tiny risks pays off big.

Thrilled to have been here this day, congratulations Cari + Bradford!