Caitlyn + Paul: Married

It's difficult to know where to start when sitting down to discuss what Caitlyn & Paul's wedding was for me, but I'll try, starting with 29 years ago when I was born. We lived next door to Caitlyn and her parents; she was 3. Seven months later my best friend Carlee arrived. Inseparable all these years, their family is an extension of mine.

Caitlyn met a boy at a wedding, they danced, exchanged numbers, and even though he lived in Calgary and she in Montreal, they tried anyway and never looked back. Here they are! Their wedding day. Being able to do this for so many couples is a thrill and honour for me, but doing it for your family brings in all kinds of anxiety and excitement! The nerves to do their day justice, to give back all the love this family has shown me over the years, and try not to cry while operating a camera during the ceremony (C+P made that very difficult during their vows)!

What else can I say. I love you Cait and I'm so happy for you, thank you for trusting me!

Invitation design | Someday Art Co.

Venue | Camp Chief Hector

Officiant | Abby Charchun

Dress | Sonia's Bridal Studio

Hair/MUA | Lilies & Lace Beauty Co.