Ashley + Brendan: Engaged

A+B have been together for quite a few years and were recently engaged. When chatting about ideas for this photo shoot Ashley told me it was their wish to have Brendan in his uniform. I think this was a lovely idea, after talking with him about his career in the army I found out how much it wasn't his job- it was his passion. It's important to merge those together if you're fortunate enough!

The couple are used to many months apart at a time. A couple who can understand these separations and get through them is a strong one. I admire it!

We had such a good time together and were so lucky with the sunset we got! When approaching the pier I was nervous about the clouds rolling in, since we didn't get that shot earlier. I'm happy now that this gigantic storm was about it hit, it was incredible (I LOVE storms!) and A+B were sport enough to get soaked for that last stunning shot of the session.

Congratulations A+B!