Ally, Marlon, Miley + Atticus

Ally, Marlon, their daughter Miley and son Atticus met up with me by the water 2 weeks ago to get fresh photos, with a promise of ice cream after to the kids (...and me). Marlon is also a wedding/portrait photographer. We started at the same time and now work together often- so they know the drill, and were on point.  As far as family shoots go it was easy. If you've done family shoots before, photographer or otherwise, you know it isn't easy. That's why I always go into it attempting to get great shots of the kids being themselves; curious, running around, even tired or getting annoyed there's no ice cream yet. I don't have kids but I know that's what I want over a Walmart fridge magnet with everyone's crooked smile facing the camera. Sorry to name drop, Walmart.

Thanks M+A, you've done a fine job with the pups!