Alka + Adi: Fifth Year

About a month ago I got a text from Alka. I took a moment staring at my phone, because well, it was Alka! The last time I saw Alka and Adi was under 5 years ago. We did an engagement session, then the wedding day came (a two day affair I won't forget), and another session after the wedding. I occasionally wondered where they might be now or how they were. You couldn't find more adorable, funny and sweet people. It's true, I missed them.

Last month Alka said her and Adi wanted to do another shoot for their 5th anniversary. We visited a few locations from our first shoot together, which was very nostalgic, and a few new spots.

I work so frequently with new people, and I'm present for intimate moments. Even though the job gets done, I don't forget them easily. It's a highlight of my season to see these two again, 5 years strong. And Alka just entered into med school 2 weeks ago, how cool is she?