Alessandra + Dimitri: Engaged

I met Alessandra for coffee a few months ago to discuss her and Dimitri's wedding, it was a snowy Montreal day, one of those days where you aren't driving, you're drifting to your destination. I expected her to look as "over winter" as I was but instead she glowed, as if it was just another day. I wasn't terribly surprised when she said they were winter people and wanted to do their engagement session right away, rather than wait for the Summer. I'm so happy we did and were able to use their cottage up in St. Agathe!

Every season comes with it's own challenges, but it was the perfect Sunday afternoon and the best winter day we could have asked for. Above 0 degrees, overcast with a great sunset. No better way to capture our Canadian values - added by the plaid shirt, axe and coonskin hat!

Aly and Dimitri are incredibly fun and down to earth, I'm excited to share more after their wedding day in October 2016. Congratulations and thanks to A+D!