Why should you consider the classic flush mounted or artisanal wrap album?

These albums are what would make me most proud to have if it were my album, that's why I chose them for my samples and offer them to you as well. Professional hand made albums are only available to photographers for order, and not the masses. There are plenty of DIY websites around to order albums but nothing as special as this. Every album is hand made. It's an art, not an assembly line. The materials are far more durable and luxurious than anything on the DIY market. Whether you choose to order through me or not, I strongly believe your wedding photos should live in an album and not your hard drive.

How many pages is right for me?

I offer my clients two options, a medium amount of pages or as many as the printer allows for that model. This offers the client to decide how choosey they want to be with what's included. If the client wants as many photos included as possible, they will want to opt for the full allowance. If budget conscious and happy to include only the best images, the medium amount is best for you.

Once we choose the album we want, what happens next?

Once I know the ratio and page amount for your order I will begin to create a rough draft using your photos. I put importance on what I feel are the strongest images and attempt to include an equal amount from the beginning to end of the day. A draft will be emailed for review. Two complete revisions are included in the price below, with as many or as little changes to the draft as desired.


classic flush mount


The Classic Flush Mounted album is elegant and timeless. It comes in the most varied options to make the album your own. Pages are flush mount (lay flat) on medium thick pages that make a soft yet powerful statement. You'll be proud to show this album off to every guest that enters your home.


Features and information:

Pages are available in a matte finish (smooth with low gloss), or lustre finish (subtle texture with slight gloss).

Available cover materials: Vegan leather / linen / silk / buckram or upgrade to genuine leather.

Production is 3-4 weeks from time of album approval.





artisanal wrap


The Artisanal Wrap album is a statement piece, there is no denying. It remains elegant and soft enough to hold up through generations and make you glow at every opportunity. Pages are flush mount (lay flat) on thinner pages, using Fine Art Giclee (museum grade) paper, which is beautifully smooth.

Screen Shot 2018-01-22 at 10.40.26 AM.png

Features and information:

Available cover materials: Vegan leather / linen / silk / cotton / buckram or genuine leather. All available at no additional charge. *Distressed brown leather is available exclusively with this album.

Imprinting is encouraged inside of the album versus on the cover due to the nature of the wrap. It is possible to be included on the cover though in limited areas.

Production is 4-5 weeks from time of album approval.








Vellum title page:  $45

Velum adds a huge impact to your album. You may have any, and as much writing included as you wish. This transparent paper will be the first thing you see when opening the album, overlaid on page 1.



imprinting $35

Includes up to two lines, blind or foil pressed on the cover of your album. Available in choice of 4 fonts and 6 colours (see below).


need an extra spread or two?

If you've opted for the lower amount of pages then you can fit more in, if needed. Prices per spread will vary based on album's size and quoted accordingly.


aka parent albums

Duplicates are available at a discount from the main album of 20% each, or 10% discount if the dimensions are reduced, as this will alter the printer’s work flow. The discount price for duplicates can only apply if the order is made in tandem, as per the printer's regulations.

*Albums must be picked up otherwise shipping charges may apply. Prices do not reflect taxes.

cover material

Texture and colour may vary from screen to screen and material from album to album. This is an accurate as possible digital swatch.

Natural linen: made from cotton/linen mixture. It has an attractive texture and high durability.

Buckram: made from a heavyweight starch filled fabric that has an acrylic coating which is waterproof. Also very durable.

Vegan leather: Animal friendly, made to look and feel like fine leather.

Sakura cotton: Made of natural cotton/rayon mixture. Refined touch and natural finish.

Silk: Made of rayon based material from Japan. Beautiful sheen and texture, adds luxury and elegance.

Genuine leather: 100% Italian leather with a luscious feel.