Cucumber Watermelon Juice


We all want to reach for something refreshing and easy to make now and then. Cucumber watermelon juice is a great option to get a healthy, hydrating and sweet drink for the summer. All that you need are three ingredients, ice and your blender.

Cucumber is known to keep you hydrated, flush toxins, is packed with vitamins and has been known to have cancer fighting qualities. Don't hesitate to add more to your smoothie if you enjoy the taste!

Thank you once again to my dear friend Suzie for the inspiration!


4 cups of watermelon

Juice from 1 lime

Half of 1 average size cucumber

Ice (as desired)


Peel the cucumber and cut into moderate sized chunks, add to blender. Scoop your watermelon, cut into chunks and add as well. Squeeze the juice from your lime and finally add your ice. I used 4-5 large cubes. Blend until smooth (~1 minute).