What's in my camera bag?

It’s crucial for me during a wedding that I travel light. I’m 5’3 and regardless of size it’s a long day with sometimes multiple locations, walking, running, sometimes climbing. I can’t get to the reception with a bad back and wobbly knees.

My bodies are a D750 (main), D700 (back up/second), D90 (Photobooth).

Lenses: 85mm, 50mm, and 35mm. Primes are important to me for their sharpness, DoF, fast AF, lightness and on my feet composition. 

I keep 6 Nikon batteries for the bodies, 12x AA’s, 2x CR123A’s for the switch and back up.

My flashes are an SB-600 and the more sophisticated SB-700.

I use the JrX Radio Poppers as triggers which have been very reliable.

I also carry a large flash bounce for dark rooms and multiple CF and SD cards.

What’s in your bag?