VZ Boudoir

I call myself a lifestyle photographer. I cover real events in real people's lives. I've touched on weddings, family sessions, parties, maternities, newborns, even animals. The events are public friendly - to be shared with all. Though there's also so much depth in subject matter that wasn't always meant for a public arena.

I've followed liberating boudoir photographers who're given intimate moments without keeping them hidden. Women of all shapes, sizes, colours, styles and cultures; sharing their sexuality as an affirmation of their confidence. Women shouldn't feel this is the only way to communicate strength, I think they should decide that on their own. But boudoir can be incredibly effective for a lot of women, stepping away from physical insecurities. Not only in the act of shooting the session but also agreeing that the world should see it.

Mrs. Z asked me to help her give this gift to her fiancé (now husband). I asked if she was comfortable with sharing some of these images. Her intention was to give them as a gift before the wedding, something for his eyes only, to show she was his' and he was hers'. They discussed it and graciously allowed a teaser (camera mainly pointing up). I'm so thankful to her for doing this, for me, and hopefully other women. 

Here she is, absolutely radiant. Soon I hope there are many more.