Tina + Kyle Married

This summer was particularly special. I’ve been photographing weddings for years now but it hadn’t happened yet that I would attend/photograph weddings for friends of my own. Wedding rings, babies and careers all over the world are taking my loved ones, but this is my chance to show them what I do and enjoy some of the champagne myself! You may remember Suzie and Shaun earlier this season. Now I would like to share more of my dear friends who’ve tied the knot, Tina and Kyle.

I remember first hearing about the fiery girl from New Jersey that Kyle met out one night in Montreal, waiting to use an ATM machine. They hit it off instantly and no questioning, they became a couple. But what to do about the distance? I’m sure there were difficult moments, but you would never know. They were glowing when they were together.

I’ve been excited ever since hearing news that it actually happened, Tina had a ring on her finger. It’s not every weekend I get to tan on the beach after shooting a wedding (it was more of a burn, really).

The gang stayed in Ocean Grove for 4 nights. The entire wedding took over at least 2 Inns and a 4 story house. The night before we spent some time on the beach, which Tina, Kyle and myself did again on the morning-of. The wedding ceremony and reception took place at a to-die-for barn about 40 minutes away. I had trouble putting my camera down to take part in the festivities at times.

I count myself lucky as a wedding photographer to also know a bride that voluntarily climbs trees in her wedding dress!

I love them dearly and still beam that I was able to capture the day for them, I won’t ever forget that.