Tamara + Julian: Married

Tamara and Julian were married inside Gibby's restaurant last month on one of those summer days that rains constantly, not allowing us to step outside even for a minute. This of course makes for a challenge on the photography side of things. On those days I can't complain after I've been pushed to shoot more with interiors, and with that extra fire under me to bring quality in some difficult lighting situations. I love the moody tones we came away with, I'm thankful for these days.

T+J shrugged it off and you would never know it was a rainy day looking at the photos, it's of utmost importance that you remember why you're there, these two are ridiculously in love and were showing it.

I'm gushing over Jenna Kroon's creative decor. A design and gift of her's to the B+G is the open book, pages cut to hold a plant in the center. Beautiful!

Congratulations T+J!