Suzie + Shaun Married

I’m beyond thrilled because on top of so many keen and interesting couples I get to work with this summer, my very first of the year was one of my oldest and dearest friends, Suzie. You can bet that all of us were ready to burst with anticipation for the big day, our first of the old gang to tie the knot. To quote my other long time friend, “Suzie must have sacrificed her first born to get this weather”. 2013 has had a few bumpy weekends so far with the weather but no one was complaining on June the 15th. It was miraculous.

We started the day at the always charming Willow Inn with talented MUA Maya Methot. The ceremony and reception followed on the lawn of her father’s house in Sainte-Marthe. The gardens were perfect, the trellis built by her dad with stunning creations by Nancy Farnum, owner of the popular rustic décor shop in Hudson, 2 Barn Owls.

Shaun and Suzie made a beautiful speech acknowledging the importance of having a small wedding with only the most substantial people in their lives.

Everything was DIY to keep things intimate, personal, quaint, as well as satisfying Suzie’s remarkable creativity. I’m thrilled to kick off my season with these two, and so very blessed to have them in my life.


MUA Maya Methot:

2 Barn Owls:

Willow Place Inn: