Spring Wedding Invitations

I've met my share of brides and grooms over the years. I also hear a surplus of details from my army of friends that seem to be getting hitched faster and faster. A big question, and one of the first, is what to do about the invitations? You want to save room in your budget for the big items while remembering that the invite sets a tone. What is your colour theme? What is the mood of your day? Font, design, colours, illustration, paper stock, and envelopes. Everything requires thought.

I love watching my mother (yes, mother) putting together those pieces and coming out with a finished product.

Featured today is a Spring wedding invitation illustrated by Joanna Olson. Requests from the couple were: Pale green, pale pinks and peonies. It will be a backyard wedding in 2015. The watercolour paper and craft envelopes kept the budget modest yet appropriate for the type of party.

Don't forget to keep a copy of your invitations, when they're this beautiful you'll want to keep one for yourself!

Photography by Emilie Olson.