Nicola's Baby Shower

Check out this adorable spread from Nicola's baby shower at the end of June! The mother-to-be is expecting a baby girl but pink wasn't high on her list. For example the baby's room is mostly variations of green. With that in mind the colours for the shower were bound to be gender neutrals. who can resist this grouping of teal, green, yellow and white?

Party favours included nail polish and there were games to win the centerpieces.

The adorable cakes are by Jessika Ménard. I so loved the game that involved biting into the cake pops. The person who see's green cake under the icing won the main centerpiece. Classy and fun for guests of all ages!

Graphic design is by Joanna Olson.

Flowers from Mademoiselle Clifford's Tea Room.



Painting, graphics and illustration: