Nicola + David Expecting

Nicola and David met at a tearoom. It's not the manliest story for David to share but in all honesty he went there to see her, the cute teacher who frequented the shop with her needle work. They've been madly in love since their first date. I know because David's my brother.

It was our dad who conspired with Linda, the owner of Mademoiselle Clifford's tearoom, to get David and Nicola to meet. I'm not sure how David chalked up the courage to ask her out but I do remember him explaining the date in fine detail. Dad took most credit for their relationship, of course.

This past December they broke the news to us, a baby was on the way! I had a hunch but that's of course because I'm a nosey sister. I made an effort to watch my mom and dad's face because this meant becoming grandparents.

In March my dad was admitted to the ICU for pneumonia. There were complications and on the 21st of March he passed away.

This post demonstrates some things that keep me happy and hopeful: My work and my family.