Natalie + Elliot Married

Upon my check up with Natalie over the holidays she asks, "Who's bright idea was it to plan a wedding right after Christmas?... Oh right, mine!" Bless her, this I'm sure was not an easy task. But who planned a wedding and said after, well that was easy. It was definitely well worth it. Natalie and Elliot put together a lovely winter wedding in Rigaud at the charming Auberge des Gallant.

We were lucky to have this beautiful, cold day. In Quebec this is a good thing because bad days we refer to as freezing! Proceeded and followed by a variation of curse words. Cold is just to be expected. The couple braved it with is a smile and when I asked if they'd had enough the answer was no they could keep going, what troopers. A good example of clients I love to work with. We'll have to give the real props to Natalie here with her bare shoulders.

I'm honoured to have been present for this day, congratulations to the newlyweds!