Meighen + Brandon Married

I adore this couple!

One of the most dangerous times to have a wedding in terms of rain is the Fall, I hate to admit. September/October weddings are gorgeous and it's nice to know that the guests can wear a pashmina rather that run out of clothing to remove in the blistering heat. But the risk of rain is much higher and I was very sad that on the day of their wedding there just weren't any breaks. Mostly because I worry that it will damped their spirits (see what I did there?)

You know what I still can't get over? The fact that the couple never stopped smiling once. That's all I need to keep my spirits up; a happy couple.

The day couldn't have been more about good people, good food and good music. I learned at the wedding that there were a lot of foodies and musicians in attendance. All essential ingredients to a damned good party.

I'm honoured to hove been a part of M+B's day. Congratulations!