Maia + Paul Married

A dear couple to me from this season! I’ve known the family since I was little having grown up in the same small town, and attending KG-grade 11 with Maia’s younger brother. I never knew his brother and sister’s very well but now we’re so happy that the connection was made again for their wedding day.

The day might have shown a few rain showers but I love the dark skies and the bright light that inevitably came after. The style of the wedding was one that I feel I could personally connect to, I think if I were to get married in the near future my wedding would include a lot similarities. I loved the flower arrangements, the sleek wedding gown, the pale pink bridesmaid’s dresses. Fingers crossed those will still be trending when my day comes!

My favourite element to witness not only as a photographer but simply a bystander was their family dynamic. They all appeared to be close, supportive and involved. Weddings can bring out a temper in the best of people and I’ve seen it all, M+P had nothing to show but affection to each other and everyone they invited to be around them on their wedding day. Something to be admired.

Congratulations Maia + Paul !

Ceremony and reception venue:   w w w . f i d d l e r l a k e r e s o r t . c o m