Lidia + Cezar Married

Lidia and Cezar's ceremony and reception brought us to the lovely Chateau St. Antoine. The vibe of the day was country met with a modern chic reception indoors. I loved the large ornate gold mirrors that lines the walls and the cushioned oak chairs. Yes, chairs do make a big difference! 

L+C incorporated the theme of travel in their wedding day as it complimented the fact that their families are spread all over the world. Almost quite literally. They placed "passports"  and travel guides on each table to differentiate one from the other and their colour scheme was a vibrant blue and yellow.

I thoroughly enjoyed the company I was in all day, L+C have a great group of friends and family and should feel very blessed to have them. As I witnessed, they did very much. 

Congratulations Lidia & Cezar!