La Shop | Furniture Lifestyle shoot

Everyone who knows me on a personal level, or has been to my home, knows that my greatest hobby beyond photography is my love for reclaimed wood, rustic/industrial furniture and home decor. Therefore I couldn't imagine a company other than La Shop that I would want to team up with more! I feel incredibly lucky to have met with the owner, Guillaume Ouellette, and created this shoot, from notes on paper over coffee, to this visual reality.

We agreed that the right space was necessary to compliment the pieces and convey well the consumer La Shop often attracts. What I especially love about this furniture is how wide the target audience is; between age, gender, country, as well as city dwellers. It's lifestyle for all who keep up with trends, without worrying that the style will evolve.

La Shop gives attention to detail like no other. They are passionate and often work 6-7 days a week to meet the demand. I have a number of their pieces, which is part of the reason why I have so much pride in my space. They helped me turn my house into my home.

They've designed and are notable for some of the designs you see here, including but not limited to breath taking dinner tables, bed frames, consoles, bar stools, shelving units and more.

You want someone who is as creative and meticulous about their design as you are about your space, I cannot recommend La Shop enough!

Special thanks to Linen Chest for a large number of product you see in this shoot, Janie through AirBnB for her beautiful space and Deka Events who helped me to piece everything together.