Geneviève + Guillaume Married

It’s a pleasure to debut the preview of G+G’s beautiful Old Montreal wedding that took place this July at the Nelligan Hotel. Their colour scheme included white, black and red with accents of mirrored silver and crystals. New York city was their muse for the decor.

Geneviève’s a lucky woman, I can attest! I arrived on the scene early enough to get some rundown from Guillaume about the day. He provided me with a well guided tour through the ceremony location, reception room and the rooms upstairs they would be getting ready in. Everything was laid out and ready to go, unlike the inherent chaos that usually ensues on the day of. He even had chocolates placed in the girl’s room for his daughters Daphnee Flavie when they arrived with Geneviève. 

The girl’s deserve a moment of recognition; I was taken aback by their keen interest, well-manners, and their performing talents! I’ll explain. Young children usually love to ask me questions about what I’m doing - D+F would ask me every now and then how I would do certain things and why it was important. They were truly interested in learning. It’s obvious that when they have their heart set on something they excel, both of them are fantastic dancers, which they proved with mom and dad during a surprise dance routine that the crowd loved! 

Geneviève and Guillaume definitely made all the right choices and put together an amazing day! A celebration not only for the couple, but their beautiful family as well.

The Nelligan hotel: